Reviews for "A Fable II Experience 2"

Having played more Fable II than I should have...

Everything that you have said in this movie is spot-on. It never really ceases to astound me how these games are so popular. Sure, Fable I was original in its time, but the RPG genre has been pushed way past what Fable is offering now. (Blame Bioware.)

Thoughts about the movie? It was hilarious! The jokes about Hammer's looks (way too true, you'd think by looking at her in the game she chowed down too much at Thanksgiving, not the epitome of strength she was supposed to be.) Then knocking out Lucien from the castle was definite poetic justice. The jabs at the simplistic townsfolk interaction were pretty good as well.

Music and sound were well-done, and it had great voice acting. Props for animation as well.

So where does the series go from here? Milking Fable 2 for one last drop of comedic gold? Or on to Fable 3? Good job with what you have done so far, and I look forward to more.

5'd and 10.

WhiteLightning responds:

Thank you, I love hearing the specifics of which parts people enjoyed most. As for the next Fable cartoon, I can't really say even if there will be another one. If so, it will probably be about Fable III, and will not be made for a while. Please watch for my Christmas cartoon this year, though :)

All for the dog

I did the same exact thing. Screw the thousands, I wanted the dog.

Again very funny.

You did another amazing job, and Rodriguez is the greatest hero ever in all of Albion.

WhiteLightning responds:

Indeed he is, Tyrant. Indeed he is :)

Only plated F1

But i totally got it.

Great animation, humor and awesomness.


Hands up

hands up all those people who sacrified thousands of people for their beloved dog.

Kanines rule

well done on excirlent voice acting an animating.