Reviews for "Halloween Panic"


it was ok for a first game

Hahaha I like it!

This is not shabby at all for a first game. Was it really made to spite a hobo? If that is a motive for 4 days of lost sleep, that is pretty damn funny! There was a game pitch in our class about a hobo king game where one plays as a hobo and collects stuff and gets in hobo scrapes and eventually becomes king of the hobos. Really though, is this for a class or something at school? I can't believe this was made in 10 days, and to think I am fretting about having 30 days to make a game between me and another guy. :/

Very Happy.

Love your work, especially defendant 3xtreme. more weapons, enemies, and hats would've been some well-needed variety.

Rofl copeter shooting kids!

i dont know what to shoot i jsut shoot the kids i like there screaming i laff my ass off XD

I was in stitches <3

I like how the game pauses when you click away and the artwork is splendid.
The shooting is smooth and I love, love, love how the vampire exposes himself and sparkles at the kids. Its so fucking funny.
Great job you guys <3 `5` out of 5