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Reviews for "Don't Miss Her Wedding"

The Master Rater

The only reason I gave you a 9 is because the drawing could be a TAD better. But rather than that, this is a moving flash. It shows such a simple subject, but one that touches the lives of people across the whole world every day. Somebody just smoked a cigarette now...and now...and now. It's amazing how many people do it. My parents quit when i was 5 years old, because they realized that they needed stop. My brother kept putting notes around the house saying why are you killing yourself and others? She quit, and she's been much happier since. I never really understood why people smoke when they know of the damage it'll do to their body, their mind, and their lives. I wish all my relatives could stop smoking. But they just won't. It's their choice. And I guess it's a choice they'll have to live with. Good job with this flash man. I hope you do more of this. And I also loved the piano playing. It totally fit the mood.

jackbliss responds:

Thanks for the beautiful review man. Your story and how your parents quit really moved me. They set a good example to millions of other smokers out there. I'm really inspired to keep making more... hopefully withTAD better drawings lol ;)

Don't be tempted...

-to play the Super Mario 2 ending theme.

jackbliss responds:

Lol... it was tough but I resisted... well in the recording anywayz ;)


made me cry... :x maybe i shouldent have said that...

great flash

this is the kind of animations that i like, meaningful and whit nice and fitting music, i really enjoyed the piano piece.

jackbliss responds:

This is the kind of review I like ^^

:'( :'( :'(

i just cryed so much that i think i need to drink a bathtub of water to refil my body