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Reviews for "Madness Retaliation"

very well done

i would love to see a second one of this :D but with greater detail and better animation with lots more weapons and armors this really deserved front page

revolverroach responds:

well if enough people like the game i'll eventually get front page. i hope this gets nominated into the madness collection. in any case, i'm 80% sure that i'll make a second one and for sure if i do, i'll make a butt-ton more gear. thanks for the review!

Mega badass

Haven't played a stragty turn based game that is this good. and FF tactic games suck. kinda stinks we got no badges to earn. but do hope to see a few more updates of improvement.

revolverroach responds:

working on the badges thing. this is my first time programming with the newgrounds system so it might take a while but definitely will happen :D thanks for the review!


wow people have long comments but all of i can say to this so verry awsome keep up the good work ^^

That's what I call a time-consuming game !

I played this game all the afternoon and all the evening. And I finally manage to reach the end. You did a great job : it's fun, easy to learn, hard to master and long enough. The final boss is just hilarious and the last enemy (???) caused a great WTF moment.

However, it's still possible to improve the game. First, you must almost go back in every room each time you got a new key. Some sort of teleporter would have been great. Or at least, showing the location of the locked section on the map. Always going back to where I had already gone was what took me the most time.
Second, I found a bug (I think it's one) : when I fought clowns or Tricky himself and lost, one of my character lost all his weapon. It happened twice and cost me two gun and the Savior's sword. Not really cool...

But it's no big deal. Once again : congratulation ! And I hope you'll make a sequel, someday !

revolverroach responds:

thanks for pointing out that bug. i think i've fixed it so it doesn't happen again but i have no way of fixing a saved game that's already lost the equipment... yet. i think i'll figure it out.

impressed that you finished the game without the Savior sword. kudos and thanks for the review!

Great game!

Not much left to say about how well-made this game is! Great graphics, balance, items, characters!
Still, the main drawback is the amount of fights - especially when you are returning to already cleared areas to unlock some doors with your newly acquired keycards. This discourages me from playing it up to the end, yet I would like to discover the rest of the map (after exploring 73% of it).
Apart from that this could be the best Madness rpg on Newgrounds! Keep up the good work and thank you very much.

revolverroach responds:

enough people have said that there's too much fighting that i've decided to tone it down a bit. explored areas now have a 50% chance of being cleared. i think that's a good balance. i don't want people to get bored just walking down the empty hallways. :P thanks for the feedback! hope you'll find the time to finish the game