Reviews for "Madness Retaliation"

Having trouble finding the 2nd key??

Awesome game. 10/10 def best madness game.


If you are having trouble finding the key, look at the wall's for weak point ;)

revolverroach responds:

i was so happy that people figured that out. i didn't want it to be too obvious. thanks for the review!

I just wasted waaaay too much time on this

I just spent like the past 5 hours playing this and it's awesome. The only parts that I would like changed are that I think that you should be able to regenerate full health after every battle (I just walk back and forth until it regens anyways); and I really wish that the special melee weapons also got the -1 ap bonus. Really the weapons do need to be a bit stronger. I find myself having to use a smoke grenade or flash bang on nearly every level now (73% done). That or make it so the attackers can't attack quite so many times.

Otherwise this game is absolutely wonderful. The levels are huge and with hidden breakable walls. The bosses are fun and there's several different types of enemies. I wish you had a bit more control over the random teleporter thing because I tried it out when I got it and then it teleported me way away when I would have not used it had I known what would happen. It takes forever to walk from place to place since there's so many fights. Maybe make the fights random so it happens less often?

revolverroach responds:

took your advice and made the fights random. as for the PID's teleporter, i really designed it to be random so that it fits into the whole Madness series history. the only thing i wanted it do reliably is revive your guys during combat.


This is the best Madness game I have played hands down. I would gurantee you would have won the games category in Madness day. Like the others have said I too am having trouble finding the second keycard but other than that I absolutely love this game.

Wicked Madness Rpg style game

Damn this game is fun and addicting, played it for about 2 hours but I couldn't find the 2nd level access key card. The combat is turn based style like the old Fallout 1&2 games which I love. The save and load function works perfectly even if you refresh, leave the page and come back to it, etc. (I'm using Firefox btw)
Those weird zombies with melee weapons that you encounter in the game were probably the only thing that I had trouble with, still couldn't kill them but the game was overall fun.

Awesome but

I'm not normally a fan of the Madness games, but I love this one. The only problem I'm having is finding any of the keycards beyond the first so now I'm just going around in circles clearing out all the rooms I've already been in... I've even broken through a wall and I can't find the second key card >_<