Reviews for "Zombiez N' Wool"

dude,no worries...

dont mind of people saying ur style is a rip off from eddsworld...cuz its not! sure,it has some similar things but thats all...hell,i WAS a rip off of eddsworld :c
then changed style,now im not any+ :3
keep up the good work dude,hope seeing more from you

WooleyWorld responds:

We need more of these guys right here! ...
Oh and the guy below me, we need more of them too. :]

Thanks for the good reviews guys.

nmot bad at all!

hey you made some pretty good effort there! great job man!

As for others refering to Edds world...WTF? not even close.. I can see a clear difference between styles.

No worries there. Just do whatever you feel like doing. I'm sure to like the results.

5/5 8/10

It seems like Edd has changed a litle

This was quite like edd's world, you could try to change the style or make another type of cartoon.___¬¬

WooleyWorld responds:

No, I am not changing my style. You could not watch it.
I don't like Edd's style, and I drew like this before I saw Eddsworld...so I don't care.

We have different styles even if only by a little so I don't care...

Ha, funny horror...

The guy was eating a sandwich when the other guys were killing the zombies. One guy opens a door and hits one. Funny and cool at the same time. Animation is simple, and that's fine enough for me.


I liked it. In particular, watching them open the chest reminded me of playing various games like Dungeon Siege and Oblivion, where I'd always save before opening a chest in case I got some really crap item.