Reviews for "Zelda: A boring day"

Roast pork *twitch*

I have a personal vendetta against pigs from when I was younger, and when I think of pigs, I think roast pork, cuz I wanna kill them myself. This video pretty much resulted in the same response.

Still a well made animation though.

ok that was epic

eoicist thing ever....


This was a really great flash submission. smooth animation, great idea, hilarious to those who got the joke. (If you play windwaker, don't mess with the pigs. especially the big black one on link's home island. it does more damage than gannondorf, actually O_o)

rofl i love zelda XD

u gotta tell me what flash maker you use O__o... i really wanna start doing this thing already..


Link just got owned!!!!!!!!!