Reviews for "Breakthrou"


Break on thru through the other side?


I liked it. Im also in 1st place for all time....so yeah.


Very good graphics and concept. But maybe adding a few upgrade will be interesting. Anyway thanks for not deleting the game and sending it here

637m, and daily third.

For that, I'll give you 7/10.
Let's face it, it's quick, repetitive, and just a fun distance game, without real replay value. And I honestly have no idea how people get into the 10k's, I only got 630 because I was scanning my laptop for viruses, and lagging. Made it easy to nab alot of peppers.
Otherwise, fun game, keep it up.

Not bad

It was pretty amusing for a little bit, but next time tell us what we are supposed to be doing, instead of throwing us in like that. And is that an 8 bit version of the doors in the background? I hope I got it right, because that was a big plus for me :D