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Reviews for "Road of the Dead"

Amazing, but...

The animation, the voice acting, the audio, the whole game was awesome. Here are my only problems with it, and suggestions on how to make it better: I know there was ALOT of different ones, but some of th dialogue got repeated too much. Some of the upgrades could have been better, and/or looked cooler. I was expecting the final gun upgrade to be a shotgun or something. At first I thought I was going to be able to shoot while driving, either through on auto aiming system or by using the mouse to aim, but then was bummed out to find out I could only use the gun to shoot enemies off the hood. I also think some car customization would be nice, like the paintjob, though I can see why one would think it's pointless because you don't see the car while playing. May just be me, but I think it would have been cool to get little trinkets to put on the dashboard or hang from the rearview. That's another thing, no rearview. Last but not least, more enemy types and maybe even bosses?

Either way, the game is spectacular. I've stayed up multiple nights playing it. Whether you take any of my suggestions into consideration or not, I still want to see more games from you and your team. Keep up the great work.

Brought me back to Newgrounds

Yeap, that's right.
THIS was the game that brought me back here to Newgrounds :-)
Kinda shameful to say it, but I've left Newgrounds quite a long time ago cause I wasn't exactly too excited about flash games. But after playing this game, it opened my mind MUCH more not to just how flash can be manipulated to bring about THESE types of awesome games, but about the community that's been built here ;-)
The story in this game is pretty sweet cause it develops as you go, and it's great that you can upgrade your stuff and all.
Graphics is awesome, gameplay is AWESOME, and the ending, just calls for more ;D

Fun But Heavily Unrealistic Even for a Zombie Game

The game itself is extremely fun to play. No argument there considering the fact that I just looked at my clock and never even realized that 3 hours had passed since I started playing it. The problems I have with the game, however, are that the checkpoints are way to far apart from each other.

In addition: (and I realize that the plot is involved here) why is it that every single checkpoint (AKA: Save Point) Comes right before an entire platoon of army men hell bent on shooting at you no matter where you are on the road? Its one of those frustrating moments where you KNOW there's a checkpoint coming up SOMEWHERE, but you have absolutely no idea when you're going to hit it and it seems like it's taking forever before you finally see the holy "Game Saved" text pop up on the screen where you can rest easy and just let yourself die to use up any RP you earned because you know you'll start back right there with better gear.

The other thing that bothers me is that this is by far the largest city I have ever seen in my entire life. Not to mention the longest STRAIGHT ROAD I've ever seen. I feel like I'm traveling across an entire country. Considering the fact that I'm going, what I presume to be either 240 MPH or KPH, regardless of which one it is, the time played in conjunction with the speed indicated does not match up with how far you actually go. I STILL have not reached the 10KM point on The Great Escape and although I would like to actually SEE the end (if there is one) I think I've played enough for now and need to take a break.

Next, why on earth is the entire army so persistent in trying to bring down just ONE GUY? There are zombies all over the place, yet their main objective is to take out a guy in a black car whom of which they assume is trying to leave the city. I guess their assumption would be correct since he's driving on such a long road non-stop without any need for gasoline.

And last, the body armor was a complete waste of RP in my opinion considering the fact that you still die just as fast if you take enough bullets. I guess the army is aiming at the bare skin on him since he's wearing a sleeveless shirt. Reinforcing the windshield and the bumper proved to be more efficient since as long as I have a windshield, I can't get shot and as long as I have a bumper, my car doesn't get damaged in any way (or catch on fire).

However, since the game is indeed fun, I give this a rating of 10/10 for the mindless driving and, of course, what's not to love about another zombie killing game?

Wohoo, just finished!

Good ending, have given me chills. Good idea with radio messages.. thanks to this feature game have gained an unforgettable atmosphere of chaos that goes all around the city. So standing ovation for voice actors here :) they did a good job, just as brillian as coders and animators.