Reviews for "Sustain"

Nice one!!!

AeronMusic responds:


I can't thank you enough for republishing this, This song is waaayy too happy to summarize it in words but I will say one, It definitely sounds like something from an old VG ;)

AeronMusic responds:

You're welcome. :)

Wow. This is probably what I can consider one of your best tracks. :) There's nothing messy about this track; in fact, the mixing is actually pretty good, considering this was made about 3 years ago. :P

Nice one! :D


AeronMusic responds:

Thank you!! <3
imo the mix is kinda messy, but this track is around 4 years old so that is probably why.
I just remembered that I was going to do a remix of one of your songs but I still haven't started with that yet. I am currently busy with other stuff but I keep that in mind, I hope (:

thx for eargasm

why is it that i mistaken you as aeon air a gd player