Reviews for "Astromiau EP 01"

The best.

One of the best cartoons i've seen in a while, really liked the interactivity and it was funny too. Kudos for adding subtitles as well!

Animated Excellence!

Vinnie, it's been a while since you submitted Gravitaxis, and you finally made a cartoon with a notable plot. Ok, your previous stuff had stories as well, but not as meaty or developed as this. Plus, that interactive part was a first coming from you, and I know a few programmers you may want to check out. Aside from that...

In terms of art and animation; it's still the same style that you're synonymous with, but I really like that part where Renegade Dog and Astromiau were realistically drawn; which was a nice touch. However, seeing that your artwork has been influenced by anime, you might end up pissing off anime haters such as Oney, the Edible Castle guys, TFX, Doug Sauncy, Hans Van Harken, and MCSM Studios. On the other hand, you animated those characters superbly, so who are those guys to complain? When it came to the sound, you have made good use of Audio Portal songs, along with 4mat's chip tunes. Plus, the voice work is excellent, unlike Arrogancy, Tyler Gibb, and a few others who won't be named. As for the content, while it started out a bit dry, it was hilarious when AM started holding his breath in the elevator and managed to stay funny. In addition, your direction skills are also praiseworthy, though not everybody will like this.

What I do like:
-Great art and animation
-Good pace
-Original, even though that still takes a backseat to the execution.
-Nice use of gradients

What I don't like:
-Not everyone will like either the artstyle or the premise.
-Huge Filesize
-The interactive part, while well done, may or may not affect the pace.

Overall: How would you like a ten out of ten for this, Vinnie?

Funny, and fun

That was AWESOME. The little game was actually well placed and fun and the story is nice, The characters are interesting as well. MOAR!

Mucho bueno?

Very good. I liked the humor.

la verdad verdad?

es exelent si solo fue un prototupo te felicito eres el primer mex que hace un flash experimental tan cool te falta estilo narativo eres un poco malo en el doblaje
por lo menos colocaste los sub en ingles osino estos del newgounds no lo dejaria aca
felicidades ^^

calificacion de newgrounds 10/10

calificacion de bluewolfen
el -5% es del doblaje ^^