Reviews for "Mr Pointer 1.1"

too hard.

funny and hard. good job.

Too difficult

The idea is really original, but the game is very hard to beat D:
You can add difficulty options :P

danken91 responds:

thanks to apreciate
I will add it

pretty nice

well the difficulty is way too hard as everyone already said, it's nice that you've made it so that right clicking makes you lose, but i just tabbed and dragged another window righ to the end and i won, you need to fix that =)

Umm its a good concept...

but I don't think it is physically possible to do it with all those cars and the electric water and the cars going so fast.

Good concept bad implementation, good job on everything else it seems.

danken91 responds:

thanks :)
i will fix it..

electric waters?
maybe you are not reading this : "and you're (mouse pointer) not WATER RESISTANCE"

Not bad.

Over all it was very challenging. You need to add some music and maybe throw in some bells and whistles.

Also lower the initial difficulty a bit and have it gradually get harder.

danken91 responds:

sounds good...
thanks :)