Reviews for "Madness Experimental"


woah someone used the song, thank you edge.

about the animation... just perfect dude, so fuckin smooth.

EDGe0wnz responds:

hahaha, means alot coming from you, thanks dude.


I loved it. Maybe next year you and I will be in disenigration 4 ?

EDGe0wnz responds:

thanks, but i dont think dimb will make any more collabs.


God dude, u are krinkels :|

EDGe0wnz responds:

heheheh :P

hey dude

this is really awesome hey dude how do you get macromedia flash 8

EDGe0wnz responds:

Thanks, any you can search on youtube, How To Get Macromedia Flash Professional 8 or sumthing, i hope you find it.

this is awesome!!!

krinkels number 2!!!!