Reviews for "Youtube Poop Soundboard 1"

Best soundboard EVER!

I've been looking for something like this on Newgrounds for ages now! I was looking through my favorites and I just found this. Seriously, best soundboard I've ever seen. Youtube Poops have always been some of my favorites. You even have Pingis and spaghetti! Here's an idea: you can make a Newgrounds Poop with sounds from this soundboard! Based on the video you made, I know it would be great!


i just wish they had more soundboards

loved it

As someone who watches some of the greatest YTPs I really appreciate this soundboard. You have a few of my favorites. And I found your secret video, very impressive animating skills you have there.

BrianCollazo46 responds:

Finaly someone Likes it :D

You Did a great Job But...

you could have added on right?


Weegee win!