Reviews for "Mista Rabbit"


I'm officially a "Mista Rabbit" fan!


That's all I got to say...aww.

Dear Jerezz,

Or it was a random comedy made by a fun animator


this video does not lie

An in-depth look at human nature.

I connected with these two and their portrayal of a "normal interaction between spouses."However, what I really think this is conveying is how humans act, when we're yelled at, we don't really know what to do, some of us might try to fight back, but Mr. Rabbit tries to calm down the situation, using a tactic he knows she enjoyed. Mr. Rabbit is obviously a very calm and collected person. The eraser is a metaphor for how our own bitching causes our own downfall in the end, leaving us with no friends and as dust (or eraser shavings) in the wind. When Mr. Rabbit cried, it showed us that humans don't really know what they have until it's gone, and only then do they treasure it.

All in all, this was fantastic.