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Reviews for "The Deeplight Expedition"


Very cool game, it should have trophies, but its ok! Good work!

NIce Game

Nice Game


Ah, exploration games...

How I love them. And more importantly: when they inteligently use the scenario as traps as well. Your game do it nicely and have good, a little slippery, controls.

Oh, one more thing: Sometimes jumpings get heavy: some jumps don't reach they maximum height.

Very nice

It some how reminds me of 'I wanna be the guy' althought its not that hard

still like the difficulty and the sound/music of the game - well done

god i did it:D

this game is insane... i nearly destroyed my pc because of the fact that i died over 999999 times xD ... because of 1mm i got to close to a stupid fireball ;)

anyway.... finished the game with 100%

great game but a little bit difficult but i liked it^^

great work more of them :D