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Reviews for "Gib Fest Multiplayer"

Great game but...

You need to remove the roofs so i can see where i go, also the maps are small and cramped. Other than that i enjoyed this. Well done.

It's okay

Good concept, but I thought the gameplay was sorta repetitive. Also, I didn't like the fact that you have to pick up money. I would prefer to get it automatically when I kill an enemy. The game was also really glitchy. For example, as I was playing the first level, the character started to walk on his own in one direction. Not only did that injure him, but it also made me lose all the items and money the mutants dropped. Please fix that.

Great game!

It took awhile to make it that enjoyable, but it was definitley fun to play. While it was hard in a lot of moments, I still have managed not to die once through it! I really like this use of the aerial view, particularly with how the radar worked so well. While I do not know how to use the resources that well, I really got used to it. The sounds worked fine too. It was weird because I had no idea why I was shooting harmless cows at first and then hordes of giant spiders suddenly showed up!

I have been waiting

There are a few games that take on the spirit of Crimson Land, and yet none have achieved this until now. I can honestly say that this is the closest someone can get to the feeling of the game without actually being the game. That said I really wished there was an EXP system for the game, but aside from that everything else was perfect.