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Reviews for "War for Awesometron"


so epic!!!
10/10 as allway's

good as always

still wish i could rewatch MGA for the first time


Thank you for a new awesome animation.

A good effort.

Ego, your animation has always impressed me in anyway. But after watching it a couple of times, i realized that it is not really that funny. Don't get me wrong, you have one or two jokes there that made me chuckle, but that's just it, i chuckled. in your earlier stuff (Metal Gear Awesome and your shorts) made me fall to the ground. But not this one.

I think that in this flash, your animation was the strongest. The facial expressions were there, the movements were spot on, the background was, you know, awesome. But, I hate to say this, but the writing was the weakest. That was the problem a lot of the reviews pointed out. One person mentioned that you should hire a writer, I thought it was alright. I know you were trying to be funny, but it sounded like you were pushing it too hard.

I know, I'm a little hard on you on this. Writing is my strong-point and animation is my weakest point. To be honest, I actually suck at animation. Your animation is fantastic. I could not do any better than you can. If I could, i would love to work with you (If that is even possible).

I am giving you a seven for the effort of trying to tell good jokes and for your non-disappointing animation. Hoping to see more from you.

This review will self-distruct in five seconds...boom.

More than meets the eye

The contrast and insult and invite tradeoff between the two reminded me of Ralph and Norton of the 1950s Classic TV Show the HoneyMooners! Quite a gas, it is!