Reviews for "The curse of Jakelin"

Tu forma de dibujar...

Que bien dibujas en flash! Me gusto en si el video, y espero que sea una buena serie ya que yo creo que esto tiene potencial... Buena suerte y sigue haciendo un buen trabajo!


now this looks familiar :P

gran trabajo!

No puedo esperar a ver la próxima!

Really nice art!

I really liked the art in this. If you can draw so well you should really draw necks. lol It's one of the few things I didn't like about Tarboy too. Its not really a nice design to have no necks!

Love your art though, nice and appealing, very cartoony!

Great job!

Wonderful animation, good voice acting, good art! I just feel you could have put more content into it, rather than hurrying up and posting what you had. More story would have been nicer.