Reviews for "NK - Fairydust"

OMG OMG OMG FAIRYDUST BY SUPERPIZZALUIGI IS AWESOME. SONG IS AWESOME PLUS THE KILLER LEVEL DESIGN WOOOOOOOOOOOT! Rukkus/NK if you ever stop making awesome dubstep there is going to be some problems :)

You're really starting to make me dig dubstep! The beginning set the mods nicely, and the melody was good. The melody put in the magical feeling of the instrument, but the melody itself was kinda meh. But the drop. Damn, that was some good stuff! Made up for every negative aspect of the song. 5/5.
Btw may I ask what the person says in the drop?

What kinda drop was that?! Oh, wait, it was a sick one!!!

muy buena canciĆ³n :)

Fairydust is awesome!