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Reviews for "Angels In The Sky"

Wow that was pretty good, I was worried at a few points in the song that it was going to repeat itself too much but then bam right when it started to it switched things up. Great song

idfpower responds:

Thank you :)

Well I like to build music themes by mixing synth lines that don't sound spectacular on their own, but which are capable of building a nice and interesting multilayered sound texture - and I normally tend to introduce the "ingredients" one by one; plus I often use a little "trick": I throw a more static / repetitive sequence before introducing the next theme or changing the vibe of the song - it helps maximizing the impact :) Cheap and simple, but it works (well...most of the time) :)

The buildup was kinda long but worth it IMO. Also the pace and theme of the song spike ina very good way. I would play this in a FaKtor-Y club. I think this is your best track yet.

idfpower responds:

Thanks, buddy :) Best of luck :)

The beginning dragged on for quite a while, but as stated below, it was groovin' once it kicked in. I really enjoyed the relaxed feel of this song, and the choice of synths is prime. I must be too used to dubstep at this point, because I was really hoping for a heavy drop somewhere. That's simply personal preference, however, and I believe you did a wonderful job writing and producing this song.

idfpower responds:

Heh, thanks :) Yeah, my way of "seeing" things when it comes to composition may be a bit different, since my main band is playing metal / thrash - so I try to adjust to the way things are usually 'done' in the Electronic world, but somehow I end up with a style mash-up :) Thanks again for the review :)

We especially enjoyed the track at 2:41, since it changed the mood just enough for it to feel fresh and various. Towards the end it feels like something is missing in the lower registers. Like a bass or something. Other than that, we enjoyed the tech-y futuristic feel to the track. We hope to see more tracks like this!

idfpower responds:

Thanks, much appreciated :)

Unfortunately I had to finish the mix on headphones (my dear daughter "took care" of my reference speakers) to meet the dealine and that's probably why it sounds the way it does. That, and also since my main "job" is playing bass in a band, I tend to go the opposite way when composing Electronic music, hehe :) Thanks again for the constructive input :)

After listening toa few of your tracks, the way your Synths in general are sequenced sound metal-influenced in structure, I bet that if you used the same Score but with a Guitar Kontakt Library like Shreddage II it would sound like a metal-like guitar driven track as well :)

Now what I have noticed is your synth sounds while they go well together, they seem weak individually (if that makes any kind of sense). I would say add a chorus plug-in and deepen the depth and see how that sounds. I'm not a fan of that snare sound, it sounds like it's cutting off too suddenly and it's too tight-sounding for the track. A little bit of extra reverb might do wonders for it.

Overall, a solid tracks but there's always room for improvement :)

idfpower responds:

Interesting observations :) And you're right: I've been playing metal on and off for a long time and I do have another sort of "in between" project - an industrial band. From there I ventured into the Electronic genre so yeah, that can be felt in Telurica's songs. Metalheads have a distinct way of composing/arranging a track and in my case it's still a bit difficult to shake those old habits :) I do try to come up with non conventional structures, but no matter what I do, I'm still addicted to arrps and harsh edgy sounds in general :)

On a different note, the synths might sound weak individually if you dissect the songs, but that's on purpose, because I prefer to use multilayered themes so each sound is just a small part of the whole, and in order to make them blend well, IMO it's best to use presets that don't stand out on their own. Of course, that doesn't mean I'm right :)

Agreed, there's always room for improvement (especially considering that mixing/mastering is not my strong point...yet) :)

Thank you very much for the honest opinion and for listening to my music :) All the best :)