Reviews for "Snorlax Vs Snorlax"


Okay so I know I dont have any videos or anything posted on my profile but omg... That was hilarious ^_^ Possibly because I am from the pokemon generation but you know what... If I could capture a snorlax and make it dance like that I would be the happiest nerd ever.

My Snorlax can open his eyes!!

Dude, awesome vid! keep up thje good work!!

freakin love it!

so funny. haha ya snorlax openinng his eyes good stuff

Sick humor :D

Aww that makes me wanna hug the chubby snorlax. :( Lol

But I like the style of the flash and pretty good voice acting.

vlaktemaat responds:

thanks a lot:) My first time voice acting..