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Reviews for "How 2 Make a Ngs Username"

my usrename means something.

it's an acronem to one of the most noty, rasist, and funnyes jock i know. it's to coplikated to say hear and probubly not apropreat here so ya. but graet animation and funny story line. good job.

Well, I did that for mine, I think

Very clever. Loved the guest appearance by The Muffin.

Ya know...This video does seem to be right. Drawing sucked but the fluidness of the animation was excellent. Voices were excellent too, but you absolutely butchered the Lazy Muffin lip Sync and style.

I don't know if you did that on purpose or not, but it was just bad.


Great animation.


lol Loved that shit but what you've gone and done is alienate all us who do not meet that criteria. BUT- Buddy got shot, 10.

Awesome Video

I just noticed that my username is an adjective,mixed with a noun,but with an added number.

This is a great animation!