Reviews for "Nicolas Cage Wants Cake"

Dude... I'm disappointed

honestly this is nothing compared to you other videos. I was glad to see it was you that made it but... damn dude

Just had a brain hemerage

This was crap. The thing is, just listening to it made me want to choke myself with my own headphones to just kill myself to get rid of the sound of the idiotic repetitive sounding idiots for the so called "cake." Normally I would be really fair about reviews and rating of videos. Thats if they are "Good" the only "good" thing about this so called "video" is the drawing. Aside from that the sound makes me wanna die. Also the point of it was stupid.

Thats my thoughts on it. But don't take it the wrong way. I just didnt like it. Out of the 300 thousand people that have watched it, I am sure some voted down. And some voted up. You can do better. 1/10 1/5