Reviews for "Quick Sand"

ending doesnt make sense

she could have just married some rich guy

RAGE, just full of... good stuff

i was feeling RAGE over the last 3 stages before the shooting spike things because of how the character stick on the wall and have awkward stops and wall jumping but after getting use to and pressing down when you go down, it was fun.
also the lava stage was a bitch, and the new stages that came out, it was again RAGE until you realize you can jump right after going into the next room... just like the old NES mario game. (hacked stage mario nes on youtube or somthing)

though why im not getting a medal for beating the lava stage is a mystery thou

tl;dr RAGE because of lack of control tips but fun none the less

fun addictive and boring at the same time

what i meen is its addicticly boring and i finished the game XD it was fun the first few lvls but um thats just me


Game was preety geat in my opinion must get a bit use to the wall jumping and reset a couple of times to get it but once you do its preety fun and easy :)


This reminds me of Prince of Persia, but in a good way. It's challenging, but not so much so that it's impossible. Plus, good music, fluid animation, and excellent level design!

But the last level was WAAAY too easy. That's my one complaint. I was supervised it was the last level! this game goes by pretty quickly.