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This game is...

...pretty cool.The bad part is the time you need to learn it;first time I fighted 3rd boss I confused keys and lost.
How to get swords:Reach the level where are the ropes,where its a giant pit of acid.
I think...2 levels before third boss.Look for the pillars over the acid;there are 2,there are the swords.When you get one of them,wait for the game to recognize rthe achievement,and pause the game and click main menu.Then,in the main menu,click Play the Game.It will ask you to start over or continue.Press continue,and do same.Sometimes swords dont appear,dont be unpatient.Just pause the game,go to main menu and do what I told you.

I hope this review be useful. =)


It was very well made, i am however hoping for a sequel :) and i only found 2 of the eight hidden swords, i found The master sword and the acient sword but i cant find any others :/

Ahaha! This reminds me of old snes fighting games!

By that, I mean the game play. I use to play a power ranger game like that. Really fun.
The graphics are amazing, seriously. If you were to rework on that game, it would be cool to see actual flash movies as cinematics.

by: TresxeUno
date: 2 hours ago
1 word
i can't stop playin this game!!

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1 word
i can't stop playin this game!!


i love the voice actitng of the first boss lol