Reviews for "Larry And The Gnomes"

love this game but

i have all the medals for finding the 8 swords but i dont have the sword conissour medal other than that great game

To Be Honest..

This is the best newgrounds flash game i've ever played!

Keep it up!

Great Game

its the best larry game ever fantastic!!!!!


Awsome game! Great engine, simple, yet challenging bosses, good audio, <i>relatewley</i> light (no lagg on my comp - las time I had such performance in the times of flash 8) even whith, MEDALS YAY! :D (nice stats the Kingdom key has, but it was a light weapon), and huge, huuuuuuuuuge variaety of weapons(including muscets!). I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO waiting fo' the next episode!

Oh, speaking of whitch, are you planning the plot carefuly, or making it up as you go?

Oh, and I don't realy mind the file size.

This game is...

...pretty cool.The bad part is the time you need to learn it;first time I fighted 3rd boss I confused keys and lost.
How to get swords:Reach the level where are the ropes,where its a giant pit of acid.
I think...2 levels before third boss.Look for the pillars over the acid;there are 2,there are the swords.When you get one of them,wait for the game to recognize rthe achievement,and pause the game and click main menu.Then,in the main menu,click Play the Game.It will ask you to start over or continue.Press continue,and do same.Sometimes swords dont appear,dont be unpatient.Just pause the game,go to main menu and do what I told you.

I hope this review be useful. =)