Reviews for "Ball Barrage"

super easy

I like the concept and the execution but the bombs made this game super easy. After I had killed the second boss, I had all the upgrades except the extra ship weapon upgrades. And I didn't farm the first boss for more than maybe 5 times.

I see a comment that says "stupidly hard", lol :). Here's few tips: upgrade the money gain first, then upgrade the bombs. With 50$ per bomb, and 4 bombs, it will be smooth sailing from there on.
The bomb has a huge range when upgraded (covering nearly whole screen), and lasts for a long time (when upgraded). After getting the upgrades each boss was; activate bomb, keep shooting the boss, first bomb cools off and you have taken like half of the boss hp, activate second bomb and repeat and the boss dies without you taking a single hit since the bomb destroys all enemy projectiles. With bombs costing 50$, you will have 4 bombs every round even if you die in the first 5 seconds (which is impossible if you use the bombs).

So yeah overall I like the game idea, but the bombs being mega powerful, the experience was ruined for me.


pretty good game that starts with a challenge and ends with non


I've played games like this but i like the graphics and the gamestyle of it. It's very unique with the designs of the characters and bosses. But for my taste just a little too easy to beat (cause i beat on my first time ever playing)

excellent game

AWESOME game i loved how u made the bosses a challenge makes the game much more interesting... wasnt too hard which made it beatable to make it fun i love the idea of the upgrades but of course u'd need upgrades for these kinda shooting games haha. and Rani-the-Key-holder did u ever think that maybe u just suck at this game? lol it gets easier as u go through the game n upgrades. great game keep up the good work. =]


This game is stupidly hard, with the money initially given, why not just start with all the buyable abilities ?

I would love to say i tried again... only the new game feature is broken. Won't let me just start over and try again with a better strategy to it.

And i found the music annoying beyond belief after a while.