Reviews for "Vocaloid Paffendorf Dance"

cute ;3

Animation is not bad!I like it!;]

Uff- Don't listen to those jerks.

Yeah, BystanderLC's was exceedingly harsh. He didn't give tips on anything. >.> Jerk. *reports comment*

Anyway, here's my assessment:

A preloader. Yes, they're a pain but if you look at tutorials you'll get the hang of it quickly. ^^

I envy you that you have a 3D animation program, but I say you should practice a little more with it. It's not TERRIBLE, however. I think they look cute!

Try looking in a mirror and try to understand lipsync. I can do it without the mirror, but it takes practice. I know that anime uses up and down mostly, but it'd give it just that flare it needs to make it a better animation.

In the first bubble that pops up try not to make their mouths move at a million miles per hour, k? ^^; It's kind of impossible for our mouthes to move that fast. xD Slow it down and time it with the beat of the music. BEAT IS KEY! (Same with the second. It's too slow. ^^;; )

So with that wall of text out of the way~

You did a wonderful job! Just be sure to time it better next time. ^^ Don't be scared to experiment. Nothing will make your program explode. (Unless you go into the code panel for the actual software. xD)

So keep it up! I gave you a 6 because I know you can improve! ^_^

Best regards,
Saya Himitsuzuki


not good but good.

bad and you should feel bad

a tired joke that was hardly funny to begin with, a tired 3D program used to move the models, and general sloppiness of the model movements make this painful to watch. I don't even think I have to know about the source to know these things aren't moving anywhere near as fast as they should be.

I gave a 2 instead of a plain 0 because at least you painstakingly bothered to make the exact same scene loop three times, one of which is flipped for variety, but obviously variety is too lacking to even have a chance here.

Don't let weeaboos tell you to ignore comments just because the critique isn't praising your recycled old meme of yesteryear.

T-and-J-Productions responds:

Go fuck yourself. Long and hard. :P

Try harder!

Your animation sucks. It's not an original idea and it doesn't really add anything new to the meme, the lips and body motions do not sync with the loop, and the graphics are anything but cute, which begs the viewer what the heck he or she has just watched.

Things that particularly stand out? Miku's head color is different from the rest of her body. Her hair's too light and doesn't make a hair-like motion. Motion's pretty awkward, and that's to be expected since the meme was originally 2D. And the flash lacks a preloader. The loop is fine, but if possible, preloaders are a must.

T-and-J-Productions responds:

Dude. Harsh.