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Reviews for "Assassination War"

Game does not seem to load, stuck on the screen that says, ONLINE FUN ARCADE..Please fix, Thank you

Pretty Good

Overall, one of the best shooting games I've played for a while, it reminds me of that old phone game....
Pro's: I like the medal system,and I really see what you say about the balance between offense and defens...
Con's: As with the other's, It's way to easy to lose health with the red line, and I played for five minutes and didn't run into some of the powerups at all....Is it possible to decrease the damage at the red line to somewhere around 25-30%? Or better yet, an actual set amount of damage so that those who like to collect health don't waste most of it on accident? Also, again, I played for about five minutes and ran into about 10 health items(Which is good), 2 lightning-powerups, and nothing else...Is it possible to increase the rate some of these other powerups come?

Apart from that, is there a storyline? It'd be really fun to see your creativity in finding a reason we're shooting these things outof the sky...

Overall though, I really like it.

Good game but...

as the others mentioned. Losing life so easy

ITS because we are not allowed to touch the red frame!

Would be good if you loose like 50% of your Health, but being dead after the first touch of the wall is too hard - i think!

But never the less, a really nice game


It's an okay game, but my health suddenly dropped from 100 to zero...

The same as the others

Why is the health suddenly dropping to 0?