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Reviews for "Chaos Faction 2"


I've been playing it for a while now at armorgames, and I have to say the game is great.
You did really good with this sequel.
Keep up the good work. :D

Very Cool.

Nice to play, and kinda addicting lol, good stuff!!

So good

Its a really good game. Everygame should be this perfectly worked trough!


The Game offers no real innovations other than actual random and interactive stages, otherwise it can be fairly frustrating or to easy. ( The Levels are a random assortment of challenges with no ratings attached, and it's missing a Tutorial I feel should be a Core part of getting started because I picked up most of the moves from reading the load screens while the bots danced around doing things I didn't understand. )

It's just a Brawler, sort of like a Super Smash for Newgrounds but it focuses more on the weapons and pickups than special moves, of course. I don't know... It just doesn't do it for me. Winning isn't Gratifying at all, because it's semi-mindless.
(What do I expect? You just run around Hit things make things explode, shoot stuff etc. )

Maybe make the difficulty more consistent, the combat easier to keep track of and include a tutorial.

I got to the End Boss and tried about 4 Times but because the Difficulty scales from ridiculous to very easy depending on which weapon you have, I was never able to succeed and it just didn't feel worth it really, going through the endless waves of lesser fire minions. It's like in Castlevania 3, You die once you get sent back Outside of the Castle you don't start outside of the Boss room goddamnit.
I just tried again and Won, and well as I thought. It wasn't worth it.

It's not my kind of game at all so I won't rip it for that.
You guys did a really good job and I'm sure the Brawler Adrenaline Junkies'll
get their fix. My only recommendation is to try and explain and teach better.

Great Game

I was one of many fans of CF1 who have been waiting for ages for this game...
It really was worth the wait!