Reviews for "Kid Launcher"


I enjoyed playing this game. While not bringing anything revolutionary to the table it does have a certain charm about it.

Audio: 10/10 - Clean, crisp and satisfying. The impact sounds worked well and the music seemed suitable.

Graphics: 8/10 - The majority of the game is nicely created with subtle shading. Unfortunately, there's a few areas, such as the bear that seemed unshaded and these areas stood out and felt a little awkward.

Gameplay: 10/10 - There's really only so much you can do with launcher games and the controls did their job well.

Bugs: I did find one bug, and that was in achieving the 100km medal for traveling 10km. Unless you're counting the vertical distance aswell, in which case I have no idea how far I really flew.

Wishlist: The only thing I would add would be an altimeter. Above the clouds and in orbit it's hard to tell whether we're ascending or descending. An altimeter would remedy this.


The bear with the office chair and fire extinguisher made my day. This game made me think about just what people can create. Everything worked for me, and made me laugh so thanks.

Plenty of shortcomings

Where should I start... You could have made this game funny. You could have made this game good. Whichever you were trying to do, you failed. The idea has been done already, with better graphics and game play.