Reviews for "Riddle School 4"

Very nice

I just considered it as an "interactive movie"
I liked it, especially the Special Features.
"he fell into an erupting volcano and froze to death"
Very nice my good man.
I'm glad even high up game developers can have a sense of humor!

Mrs. Munch

game funny!
But the in the things about the people and what happened to them said that Mrs. Munch was a male. That will make The Killer Mr. Munch Gay.

JonBro responds:

Oh really?

Well, I THOUGHT this was glitch-free, at least. =3

Little did we know

I got 0.2 seconds. Little did we know that this is so the plot can continue. Dun dun duuuun!!


i beat the game in 0.1 scond!!!


If you look at the day this was submitted, maybe you wouldn't be going around rating people's submission's zero. It was submitted as an April Fools Joke to see your reaction.
Go to Riddle School 5 if you want a challenge.