Reviews for "Riddle School 4"

I only just noticed this was made on April 1st. Nice joke you pulled there.

What The Fuck JonBro

Diz... Why Did You Kill Phil? If You Were Wondering.

Q. Was That Necessary?.
A. It Was. To Wake Him Up.

Q.Is This The End?
A. No Three More Games To Go.

This was my least favorite of the games. It's well animated, and it's pretty funny, but I would've liked to see more of Riddle University. Maybe at some point, I'll try enlisting the help of some others to make a remake of this with more gameplay, similar to "Return to Riddle School". I think I'd call it "Return to Riddle University".

P. S: I know that this is canon, but what if the Riddle series WASN'T a dream?

Theyre Are Unused Sprites I Found!
A Pencil In One Of The Define Sprites Folder
A String
A Paper Clip
A Pencil With The String
A Pencil Combined With The String And Paper Clip Which Looked Like A Fishing Rod