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Reviews for "Mushroom Madness 2"

very fun

great game, very fun to play for a long time love the upgrades, level variations, graphics, sound effects, even played perfectly smooth on my crappy computer just a all around fun game, happy @pr1L f0Olz, and o ya kevin bacon!

Highly Entertaining

The gameplay was a little less challenging than I usually like, specifically money was way too easy to get, but I enjoyed playing this game very much. I stuck with it until I had all achievements completed which is unusual for me. The mindless violence in this game kept my attention far longer than most games do. Thank you for making this game!


Very fun game, very addicting. I played for hours on end.

i like this game!

i like very much this game,its crazy Oo


Excellent game

Graphics are sweet and i love the weapons,animals to kill,...Excellent
Music and sound effects are great not much to say,except sweet
Gameplay is where this game is 100% awsome so many weapons to kill and blow shit up,and i can just love the gameplay
Overall,great game,i consider it kinda repeative since there are only 7 animals to murder

5/5 9/10