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Reviews for "Kill Gore"


Liked the idea and graphics just a little buggy

Jumping needs work

this game has issues, overall it was pretty good.
But jumping between platforms became infuriating, especially given the instant deaths.
I liked the leveling up though it didnt seem to make much difference.
Bosses were to difficult in hand to hand but the gun made it too easy to just hold the d button.
I almost stopped playing because of the constant jumping back and forth,
I had to stop playing because the level bugged out and i couldn't progress.

The Challenge Is Bull

The game plays well enough as a side-scrolling fighter, but I came to a level that would not allow me to progress.


you dont see a bull with a machine gun every day :3
this game is bvery good ilol so much. you need to work on the bugs :3 i was like "aww" when i got stuck give the bull a chain saw,new guns, swords, armor and stuff.

good game

the game is good but there are several glitches that need to be corrected I got stuck in one level because of a bug