Reviews for "Hippolyta"

good game

may i ask you something?

how do you kill the soldiers that has a horse?
i can't find it

Great Artwork!!

I loved the graphics, voices, and the whole thing! Although I have to admit I love how shes topless, but altogether its Amazing!

Very good

This must go to kongregate!

Now that the speed has been moderated (or that I used an ordinary computer, my dad's laptop made her go too fast), the game is quite enjoyable, my ordinary computer is so slow that I have more time to react.

But please, take it to Kongregate.

Evil-Dog responds:

yeah very soon


i dont very like reflexes games but this one wasnt so bad

Graphics were very great!

Can we ear the scream from turok3? At least, it sounds like it :p

Evil-Dog responds:

nope, all original stuff

Amazing game

It's fantastic - beautiful to look at and as hard as it should be. But when you're sprinting, it's impossible to throw a javalin at the guy standing up - there is no chance you'll get him. That's really annoying, because I was trying to sprint entire levels and he would always get in the way and kill me.
Apart from that one little thing, this game is perfect.

Evil-Dog responds:

of course it's possible, he tells you when he's coming