Reviews for "HentaiKey Girl 5 Demo"


i click to find the full but do not know how to find it after clicking a little help maybe please?

Where the hell did you get the music?! It's so good! I want it.

An excellent game (played full-build when I was a customer of Hentaikey). Couple questions though, if the author reads these at all. Does the author intend to release another Hentaikey Girl game? I found this to be one of the best hentai flashes on the internet period, and was shocked that this came out in 2010, and haven't seen a high quality game like this in a while (Konashion's SDT is another high quality game).

If you were to make another game, would it be possible to have a more open game (like Konashion's) where cum was persistent (could cum multiple times, with either a clear cum button OR cum disappears slowly over time) and could cum multiple times without having to reload the game and start anew. Could it also have the progressive blushing like it does in this game? Maybe even have another tentacle game (this is the best by far I've seen... could it be made better?). Maybe with the Her model have orgasms of her own, with a pleasure bar for that. Manual control of tentacles or penises is always awesome... and more cumshot options.

I REALLY hope that the author of this fine game doesn't stop making them. Since I tried out HentaiKey back in 2012, and found NO new games by Zone than the ones you could find free on the internets, I would love it if Zone brought another awesome interactive, modular, game to the internet.

Would this be possible? If not, well, it was awesome while it lasted. If ya, cool, when?

she liked it so i laughed.