Reviews for "The Newgrounds Face"

Makes you rant

If some one has a fucking style like that already the what is they fucking point of copying that person's style of animation. Let me tell you why people do it, it's too ride the popularity and fame of the one who made the cartoons that popular in the first place. It's not cool seeing lamos doing the same thing as some one else, it's not creative or indie or anything. One is enough, try to animate it different or don't do it at all. It's too fucking easy to make shit look that simple to begin with...

Your friend seems to be to good with a knife

Your frind is a TRUE ARTIST.


Just cant stop laughin. Just great xD



That is so screwed up.

He hated the face so much, he decided to be a smart ass and rearrange his face.... That is so screwed up. Awesome flash. The art is great, the voice acting is great, and you have funny ideas. Good work.