Reviews for "The Newgrounds Face"

very true

at least it isnt that stupid smile where the face is yellow and the eyes seem like they are looking up.

you should do more rants like this


Its true! o[]o
tho noses are simple enough to draw, THEY PISS OFF EVERYONE ON NEWGROUNDS >:C
and by everyone I mean all the 14 year olds watch'n / fap'n
I liked the voices, the mouths moved kinda kreepy

Had to be done

I got a huge kick out of this flash,the concept was genius about throwing animators such as Explosm under the bus with the bland character designs though i still think he has some of the funniest flashes around but i still loved the way this flash poked fun at that,great job man.

LewToons responds:

dont get me wrong im not trying to knock dudes like explosm or danpaladin- those guys started it! ....its just all the ppl who try to copy that style cuz they cant draw well enough...or are probably lazy

Oh snap...

Haha, this is a little bit of a kick to the face with my flash animation "asdfmovie" but i agree entirely :)


the only difference i do from that is actualy constructing a face, no nose, but no pupils either, ow godd no aaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111 great job favorited