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Reviews for "A Reunion"

but that good animation, oh fuck no never stop it again and again and again! animation oh fuck it good!

PS: I do not understand how I was not so check on this. :C


she better have got wet cos of this

Nice little valentine movie

Id choose romance genre if Newgrounds has it. Too bad, the website doesn't have romance. So drama is good.

(title in work)

Well done! It's kind of neat to be able to do something artistic for you girl, I'm sure she will like it. It was well animated, and nice attention to detail in the animations, like moving the hair just slightly when his head moves. Music went along with this well, and overall presented nicely. Good one!


Very sweet and something everyone could relate to at one time in their life or another. The waiting seems forever but when your true love comes... it's worth every minute! This would make a lovely Valentines Day e-card :)

4/5 vote 8/10 review!