Reviews for "Surprise Rape"


just for the shitload of work that comes with stop-motion, 6 stars. 3 because the rape just looked hilarious.

come up with an actual plot and this will do quite good i think.

keep it up

BlackBomberInd responds:

Will do for the next animation, thanks for the good comment :)


Well that was weird...

BlackBomberInd responds:

Yup! At least you gave me an 8! Haha, thanks dude!

stop-motion is hard

An 8 just for the animation. That's a ton of work.

BlackBomberInd responds:

Yeah, especially with action figures on a carpet, they can fall over easily lol. Thanks for the rating and comment :D

so yeah

its short, not much story, but the rapesounds made it freaking hilarious

BlackBomberInd responds:

I agree completely! Thanks for the comment!

Nice animation

Interesting, excellent animation and the story BLEW MY FREAKING MIND.

BlackBomberInd responds:

Weird! This was put on Youtube with a description saying that watching it will make your head explode. This was close enough to it, so my job here is done :) Thanks for the comment!