Reviews for "Bad Pussy"

very tough

you made my brain hurt =[


The hint button needs to be more clear I agree, but the story was hilarious. I almost spit my soda out when I got to the page "omg! what a cute cat!" Excellent. The drawings were done very well, and the "differences" were challenging. The music was nice (though after a while got slightly annoying) Overall good job.


Even when i used the hint feature several times i could see no difference I just knew where to click .

difference need to be a little more clear they can be hid better but definitely need to be more clear


i only played it through to see the ending and it reminded me of Cyanide and Happiness's "Beer Run!"

just2pale responds:

lol yea. In our defense we have been working on this for months! lol Great Minds think alike. .. or blatantly steal? lol

Pretty good

This is a good "spot the differences" game 'cause it's not way too freaking easy! There was a challenge involved in each pair of images. The one problem that stands out to me is the fact that the precision is too exact :S
I lost some points in some parts simply by clicking on an area near the difference instead of right on that pixel. Music was great though (just work on the precision problem for next time)!