Reviews for "Genesis"

Ah this takes me back to when I would play my Sega Genesis well done friend, well done!

Breezee responds:

Thank you!

You really nailed the sound and style of the Genesis and the musicians of the era! Those metallic bass riffs really take me back to Sonic Spinball and Marble Madness and more' It's what I' e always wanted from those awful YouTube covers of genesis songs - an authentic recreation of the genesis sound but with modern polish. Nice job!

Speaking of Spinball - you should REALLY run the Boss Music MIDI through these instruments. It'd be awesome!

Not too bad reminds me on Sonic a little bit.

:D this is just great! loving those chords and bass walk ups! you have a new fan :D

Ah the Sega Genesis, what an amazing console. The sound is truly unique, which is why I love it so much. No other console to date has quite captured the beauty and marvel of the Genesis!