Reviews for "VVVVVV Demo"

Best Game

never played something this cool.muxic 15/10. gameplay 17/10.good job.keep them comming!


I bought the full game and it rocked even more!
It is seriouly awesome and worth the money!
Get it!!!


This game is so good it took me half an hour to finish it although it's very simple.
10/10 for a demo but where is the full version?

WOW! Unvelievable!

Wow, that game is awesome! CanĀ“t wait till the full game comes out! 10/10


I have only played space station so far but how do you go past the Driller, Exhaust Chute and Sorrow lvls? i only die xD Really good to! WHEN DOES THE FULL1 COME OUT!!!=P