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Reviews for "Sonic Scene Creator V2"

It's good but needs some improvements...

But that are you allready avered of. So I am not going to comment that. ;) Instead I am going to post a link that can help you create animated objects.

http://www.smartwebby.com/Flash/movie clip_symbols.asp

Simply, you just convert a symbol to a movieclip. Where you can animate it using different sprites on each frame, or just import a .gif etc.

If the link wasn't much of help just google movieclip, and thy shall find what thy seek! ;)

Good Luck & Happy Animating

yeah its better !

yeah its fine but here are some improvements you should make
1 needs some backing music ! 2 some of the sprites go behind the picture/background ! 3 next time try to make it so you can change the background :).

over all its quit fun and funny so i give you 3/5 and 6/10

Where did you get all the sprites?

Anyways good scene creator.