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Reviews for "Deathmatch"

Cool song. I like the attack on the drums. Very sharp. Interesting rythm.

AliceMako responds:

The result of layering a bunch of schlagzwerg samples and a boatload of new york compression.

Damn! this is sick dude! Just sounds like boss beats, like real "I'm up in this @$#%&"

Any chance I could snag this and use it on some of my gaming videos man?
I'll leave credit where due and link people up to your newgrounds.

AliceMako responds:

That's why i post here, so be my guest and use it.

This makes me wanna spit some angry nerdcore boss-rage, shit is fuckin' good. I kinda like the guitar loop too, but I think you've over-used it just a bit here. Other than that, nice work dude!

AliceMako responds:

Thanks for listening.

The beginning reminds me a lot of the boss battle theme on Arkanoid for SNES. Any chance thats where the inspiration came from?

Pretty good not much of a 'Nerdcore' tho more like a techno hip hop

AliceMako responds:

Call it whatever you like, i'm sticking by my story.