Reviews for "Colours"

This was really awesome. It definitely brightened up my day a bit! :)

DuttonsaysHi responds:

Thank you so much :D It's always nice to hear that my music has that effect on people :3

You sure made one happy song!
I'm already in a good mood, but now I feel even better :D
Great work man! Love it!

DuttonsaysHi responds:

Haha I try :D
and that's awesome to here ^^
Thanks a lot man!

this was i really nice uplifting song, the only i would suggest is to soften up that bass you had going at the start, the saw sounded a bit too intrusive. one more thing i noticed that u put Kawaii in the tags... do you watch anime!!

DuttonsaysHi responds:


Yeah I see where you're coming from but I was going for something progressive so the bass is only really dominant in that first part. Notice it's starts to get neutralized more once the orchestral elements are introduced. Having it strong in the first section gave it a little time to shine.

But I see you're point about the unbalance in the light and heavy instruments in the first section. Thanks again!

and yeah sometimes! :D

Whatever you're doing here,
Do it again.
Do it a lot.
And then let me buy all your merchandise.

Happy songs rarely affect me, but the melodies and timbers in this track are irresistible.

DuttonsaysHi responds:

Hahah wow man this comment made me smile :). It's so great that my music can break through that barrier you have for happy music :D Thanks a bunch!

Frankly, the melody is enchanting.
If you made it more captivating (perhaps orchestral), it would be nice.