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Reviews for "3rd Base (modern 8bit)"

Holy cow!!!! I clicked it by mistake then got an email so I started to read my email and just let your song play.. at 31 seconds I was like...Eargasm....At 46 seconds I was like.. THIS IS DESTINY!! MUST WRITE REVIEW NOAWZZ!! So yeah.. thanks for the awesome toon. :D

Damn dude, that's pretty awesome :D

You sir, are a master of rhythm. Labelling it as modern 8bit was fitting - though the instruments you use are retro and synthy and all that jazz, there's a depth here that you find in commercial tracks. Seriously well done, you should be selling this!

Lol, i like how you only make 8-bit music, and you're good at it xD.
Keep up the good work man!

No offense, Bunnymajs, but I'm so damn glad you lost all those songs. I cannot imagine a world without this song in it ever since I first heard it.

In my opinion it is by far your best work. This song depicts life and fun in their purest and most awesome forms. It was my spring to summer transition track of 2014 and probably will remain one for life. It's still fantastic to listen to at any given time, but I felt like the springtime of youth is where this piece is at home.

I've been freeloading on your work so far, but this song convinced me to buy this album and perhaps more once I fix my transfer issues.

This is truly a gem and you obviously had immense fun making it. Keep it fresh, swank and creative lad.

Cheers from a loving fan.