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Reviews for "Tetraform"

great game, but......

up until the first boss, everything was good. Things were pretty hectic in the first few levels, and i was enjoying myself attempting to kill the massive ships with the tiny blue ones, and smashing missiles into everything in sight, but then the first boss came along. at first it was easy, but then when it got to about 50% health, it started shooting out missiles faster than any normal person should be able to keep up with. attempting to draw the boss towards my mace type structure was impossible, every time i tried he would move a few pixels toward it then stop, and if i tried to do it constantly, my planet would get fucked over by missiles. it wasn't so much a good way to pass the time as a good way to contract carpal tunnel. my planet was destroyed, and i hadn't even made it past the first boss.. otherwise, the graphics were good looking, the gameplay was original and fun, music was creative and everything worked together to make it a great game overall.


My most favorite Newgrounds.com play it every day !!!!!!!!!!!

Terrific gameplay

The growing challenge, the crazy enemies (phantom disk!), the solid music and graphics... excellent. One of the very best games I've played on Newgrounds.




this was a fun game i found it easy and especially the achivements and also i got 4th place in high scores for today with 23,063..