Reviews for "S-RPG PSP Adaption 17.9"


i loved it! great idea!

Kwing responds:

Thanks! I'm adding more games!

i like it

it's a very well done game

Kwing responds:

Thanks, it's over a year in the making! Although I'm not working on it constantly, every time I have an idea I work to implement it into the game.


theres so much you can do in this!! please make more!! so addicting!!

Kwing responds:

I'm gonna release V20 soon. I'm working on the graphics to make them uber-cool. There's even going to be a story mode, and... You guessed it, MORE MINIGAMES! :)

Good job!

Nice game. This isnt too good for a computer flash game, but for a PSP game its pretty good.
Im going to download it :D

Kwing responds:

Thanks man! I'm eventually going to do a super-update and hopefully skip all the way to SRPG: PSP Adaption V20! We'll see where that goes. I'm hoping to add Story Mode!

lol glith

i kepped sleeping and then had alot of HP then went to work and worked till i got the maximum ($599) ad then tryied to beer battle i couldent...
then later spent uit all at the market and tried it again...
and it didnt work...

Kwing responds:

You can't get into Bar Fights at midnight.