Reviews for "Celtic Fever"

I enjoyed this piece quite a bit
I also sent this to my step father's grandfather who is from the old country and he approved of this saying 'Ay kiddo, if I was in my younger days I would jaunt aroun' listenin' ta' this'

Mattashi responds:

I'm glad you and your step father's grandfather enjoyed it! :)

WOa, great song. I am totally in love with the flutes and pipes. Beautiful work.

Mattashi responds:

Thanks Elitistinen!

Music from the homeland!
Flows effortlessly, and sounds equally great!
This takes me back to my Quest 64 days (given that the music IS in .mid sadly)...city of Normoon *shrugs*

Brilliant piece and keep up the good work!

Mattashi responds:

Thank you! :)

I recommend you check out two local artists from my town: Quinn and Qristina Bachand
(site is qbachand.com)

If I were to picture this in a videogame definitely a forrested area, that or a really strong mother putting bad brats in their place!

Mattashi responds:

Thanks for letting me know about Quinn and Qristina Bachand, I checked them on youtube they are great! :)